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About our 17th Anniversary Foundation, kindly visit  the gallery to see the compelete photos of the Miss ICF 2013 pageant night. Please Click here

Student Organization

Student organizations have to be officially recognized or accredited by the college in order to operate legitimately. In applying for recognition, student organizations have to submit certain documents as required by the OSA. Readmore...

The Flint

“The Official Publication of the Interworld Colleges Foundation Inc.”
“The Flint” was established in September 2001 as the official school organ which was simply characterized as the “school’s version of democracy.


Wifi Zone

More than a decade of crowding and congesting in an old but strong building, ICF is now providing its clientele with a newly structured school edifice which prominently stands corner Burgos Street and Quezon Street.  Readmore..

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Be a future Leader..Join the ICF ROTC

ROTC develops personality and leadership skills that cadets may use to help them build successful civilian careers someday.

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