On November 16, 2018 at Room A-1 was held the Orientation of new enrollees and transferees from other schools.  Dr. FLORENTINA F. AQUINO, College Guidance Counselor, and Mr. ROLLY JOHN CUENCO, Adviser of the Student Body Organization were the speakers.  Dr. Aquino opened the activity with a prayer.  One of the students conducted the singing of the Pambansang Awit.



Dr. Aquino made each student welcome to the school by cracking some friendly jokes.  Then she proceeded on introducing the members of the Board of Trustees.  Next she presented the school personalities starting with the School President  followed by the School Director, the Deans of the different colleges down to the various ancillary services offered by the school, like the Library, the Guidance Office, the Clinic, the canteen, and the office of the Registrar, the Director, the Cashier’s Office and the Office of the Student Body.  She also mentioned the different organizations where students can showcase their talents and skills.  She stressed on some pertinent school policies like “no long hair for boys, no tattoo on their bodies, no smoking and no liquor” and for girls “no spaghetti dress, no above the knee uniform and no sandals” on school days.


Mr. Rolly John  Cuenco explained the provisions of the College Student Handbook especially those regarding student actions and behavior in and out of classrooms, payment of school obligations and determination of scholars.  He stressed on rights and duties of students, plus their responsibilities and the accompanying incentives and rewards for every good deed done.

The students enjoyed the discussions and expressed their desire to actively participate in every school activity and undertaking that will redound to their person’s betterment and improvement.  They said, they eagerly look forward to becoming part of the celebration of much talked about school activities like the Intramurals, the various department days celebrations and the very much awaited Foundation Day.