College of Accountancy and Business Administration

Program Offered

  • Bachelor Science in Accountancy

    The Bachelor of Science in Accountancy (BSA) is intended to produce more competent professional accountants fortified with appropriate knowledge and skills with suitable professional values, principles, integrity and attitudes that will empower them to make a positive contribution to the profession, business industry and to society.

  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

    Major in Financial Management

    The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree (BSBA) from Interworld Colleges Foundation enables you to:
    • Think logically and analytically about complex problems
    • Discover the art of communicating effectively
    • Build an understanding of human relationships
    • Expose knowledge to the social and ethical responsibilities
    • Perfect the art of learning to support professional development

Program Partners


Meet Our Dean

Ma. Salome L. Sunglao, MBA

Ma. Salome L. Sunglao holds degrees in Bachelor of Science in Commerce major in Accountancy and Master of Arts in Education major in Educational Management. She is also the cuncurrent Head for BSBA.

Meet our BSA Head

Romulo M. Daileg, CPA

Romulo M. Daileg holds degree in Bachelor of Science in Accountancy and subsequently passed his CPA. Mr. Daileg also earned unit in Master in Business Administration.

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