College of Teacher Education

The College of Teacher Education is committed to providing, as its primary responsibility, exceptional education
experiences that stimulate both intellectual and personal growth in a diverse and predominantly undergraduate student body of talented men and women. The high quality of a teacher education is fostered by a faculty of dedicated teacher-scholars, dynamic student-faculty collaboration, curricula in both liberal arts and professional studies, and an institutional size small enough to provide a highly personal education, but large enough to afford extensive academic, cultural, and extracurricular opportunities.

Program Offered

  • Bachelor of Elementary Education

    Level II First Re-Accredited Status

  • Bachelor of Elementary Education

    (Level II First Re-Accredited Status)
    Areas of Specialization: Early Childhood Education, Special Education

  • Bachelor of Secondary Education

    Level II First Re-Accredited Status
    Areas of Specialization:

    • Biological Science
    • Social Studies
    • English
    • Mathematics
    • Filipino
    • Music, Arts, PE and Health

Program Partners


Meet Our Dean

Mrs. Evangeline J. Exiomo

Mrs. Evangeline J. Exiomo has an undergraduate degree in Bachelor of Science in Secondary and Elementary Education. She also finished Master of Science in Agricultural Science and finished her academic requirements for Ph.D. in Development Communication.

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