Teacher's Day (Boodle Fight)

Teacher’s Day Celebration


As part of the World Teachers’ Month Celebration,ICF College of Education graced an event that made everyone appreciates its real essence and understands deeper the reasons why they should give honor, respect and importance to each and every of their mentors.

For being a teacher is indeed a noble profession, thus it is a lifetime commitment, a job that will mold you from being nothing until you become somebody. Heartfelt messages, showcasing talents and gift offering are some of the things done by the students to show their gratitude.

But the highlight of this year’s celebration is the stomach and eye catching boodle fight prepared by the future educators showing off their creativity, versatility and most importantly their unity.

Trully, it was a fun, unforgettable and memorable celebration for everyone and they will surely tresure it for long.



Fabiola Danganan,