Accountancy Students Visit Production Plant Observation

The 4th year BSA students of the Interworld Colleges Foundation (ICF) together with their class subject Professor Mr. Gilbert Austria together with his 27 students embarked on a trip to visit the main manufacturing plant of one of the known supplier of cakes, breads, and confectioneries in Northern and Central Luzon, the Jelexie Bakeshop, located in McArthur Highway, Tarlac City. It was on Wednesday, August 24, 2016.

As a requirement for the course Production and Operations Management, the visit came with the objective of giving the students an insight on the actual operations done in the industry which is conducive for their learning.

A comfortable and friendly environment welcomed everyone. The field observation came in with an orientation before everyone was allowed to enter the premises where the goods  were made. Strict rules were applied such as the wearing of a face mask and hair net before touring inside the plant’s warehouse and the various  sections like the candy flower making or CFM room, the mixing area, icing room, cake laboratory, the bakery, packaging and delivery area.

The Jelexie Bakeshop started in 1984 and it is now, on its 32nd year of operations. Overall, the visit was a success that produced desired results with the combined resources and efforts of the students. Thrilled as they were on the beginning, seeing hundreds of sweets freshly manufactured in a day is indeed marvelous.

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