ICF Students Watch Miracle of Science

The administration staffs, faculty members, students of Interworld Colleges Foundation Inc. Paniqui, Tarlac went to SM Rosales Pangasinan last August 12, 2016 for a 1-day break away from the stress of school activities to watch a movie sponsored by Goldenrich Films Production.

How do we explain the impossible? The movie “Surrogate Mother and the Children of Science” tells the story of Freddie Garcia a doctor. The movie was written and directed by Anthony Hernandez.

Dino Imperial plays the character of Freddie Garcia, an established doctor who was a product of advanced technology and process called Surrogacy which tells about the practice by which woman can be impregnated and can be an instrument of bearing children not her own but for a couple where in wives doesn’t have the ability to carry a child in her womb.

It is difficult to stop your tears from falling because of this movie. It is difficult not to feel for the character in the film as they experience so many problems and difficulties. . It is hard to imagine that the real  family could  have gone through this.

It is also a story of holding to your faith. You come out spiritually uplifted. The most amazing part is when Freddie found out that he was not the only child from his surrogate mother. It was such an intense and suspenseful moment to go on a journey to look for his siblings. It really brings you into a roller coaster of emotions. It reaches out to you and drops. Some butterflies in your stomach as Freddie went through this.

Believer or non-believer of Christian faith, it delivers a beautiful message on how we should be grateful whether we are a product of surrogacy or not, for even the smallest things, the tiniest of efforts and the simplest of gestures.

This movie is truly inspiring to me. It teaches me how things do not always go the way you want it to be but with patience and a lot of faith, God will help you get through it.

As sunset is fast approaching, everybody was heading home from a wonderful day. I am looking forward to other good movies to come.

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